I could never find an exceptional product that did a superb job of exfoliating and moisturizing, had a heady aroma and rinsed off completely. Was it too much to ask that it also be a vegan product, using only a few, natural ingredients? Apparently. 

So there was just one solution.

I made my own.

There's nothing plain about jane's body scrubs, but the ingredient list is short, you can pronounce all the syllables, and it works on the entire gamut of skin, from girl to guy, dark to light. We've even produced an extra special formula for particularly dry skin, without forsaking the clean rinse unique to jane's.

But it's not enough to simply create an exceptional product. Why not simultaneously do something exceptional for our community? Our focus is coming alongside women, wherever they are in the world, to offer tangible and life-transforming hope where it's absent in their lives.

In the summer of 2010, just after the earthquake in Haiti, we took our now-grown kids to work at a friend's medical clinic compound there that summer. I was in the process of incorporating jane's, as well as clarifying its mission. An other-worldly sound from the street had me running to the front to find out the source. It was explained to us that while life is very difficult for the people who live there, it's so much more so for the women. So it's not uncommon, to release the sadness and raw emotion within their hearts, that women will wail.

Ingest that for just a moment.

That has spurred us on to commit half our profit to those organizations in our neighborhood, our city and world, that are working alongside women coming out of homelessness, incarceration, addiction, domestic violence, trafficking and mental health challenges. Additionally, we also hire women students out of Toolbox4Life (toolbox4life.org) here in Orlando, to help us package and label the body scrub.

Can we change the world's ills by cleaning and softening bodies? Perhaps not all of them, but through your purchase of this product, my love for making it and our commitment to be a part of something bigger, we can move the needle further from injustice and a little closer to equality.

Thanks for taking the time to understand our philosophy & motivation, and for joining us in the effort. If you have additional questions or care to share a comment, we'd be delighted to hear from you.