You NUT!!!

You NUT!!!

Only in my adult years has shea butter been part of my daily routine. Dry spots on my arms were improved when I exfoliated and moisturized them. This was the root of why I developed my own sugar scrub; one that would exfoliate well, moisturize satisfactorily, and then completely rinse off.

While I came into it a little late, it’s been a staple in African cultures for thousands of years. The Shea tree is considered sacred because of the healing properties of the butter the nut produces. Crushing, mashing and boiling it creates an ingredient people have and continue to use to moisturize, soothe and restore.

 The organic shea butter we use is unrefined and processed in Burkina Faso. That means its process is the purest form. It also means it will have a nutty aroma underneath the sugar scrub aromas we create with essential oils.

Historical accounts indicate Queen Cleopatra demanded that large jars of shea butter always travel with her so she’d never miss a beat in her beauty regimen. You too, can bring your large jars of jane’s short & sweet Sugar Scrub anywhere with you too, provided you check them in your luggage for flight or if you’re taking a boat, as Cleopatra did. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for the travel size if you’re going to get through security at the airport. Wherever you’re going this summer, be safe and stay soft.

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