Why Sugar? Why THIS Sugar Scrub?

Sugar granules are smaller, less abrasive and provide a more thorough exfoliation than salt. It’s self-cleaning too! Sugar dissolves more efficiently, whether you’re rinsing off in the shower or at the sink. jane’s uses a combination of a rich, emollient cream and EVOO to soften while the sugar performs its job. Many scrubs are particularly oily and leave a residue that requires a lot of additional soap to wash off. With jane’s, just enough shea butter soap improves the experience by cleansing and thoroughly rinsing away any sediment. Fresh, natural scents are added in the form of citrus zests, extracts, actual blossom and/or essence oils. They are remarkable and comforting aromas. They fall under the categories of calming (Lavender), clarifying (Orange & Grapefruit), and cooling (Peppermint). All that’s left following a swift and thorough rub are softer hands, elbows, knees and feet. Rub, rinse, rejoice.

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