Toolbox4Life: The Heart Behind jane's short & sweet

We’re not just committed to making exceptional products, we have a commitment to our community as well. Did you know jane’s short & sweet donates everything back to those organizations coming alongside at-risk women & children in the areas of healthcare and education? And do you know why? The reality is, I get to choose the things and activities that fill my day. I have the freedom to set goals and have a better than average chance of attaining them. Many women here in central Florida, across the US and around the world do not. So we wanted to do something with jane's that made a difference.  And as we were pursuing what to do with the profit of jane’s (should there ever actually be one…..), we wanted the most impact to be made.

Wherever we traveled, whoever we met with, whatever we read or saw, wherever in the world, it kept coming back to this one truth: wherever women and children have equal access to healthcare and education, the entire community thrives. Out of this involvement in central Florida has come our 306 Foundation, which sponsors Toolbox4Life. It is a life skills/culinary arts course for young women over 18.

In Toolbox4Life, we address the whole person. As I have said in the past, it does no good to have an employee with great knife skills who continues have an anger issue. Our team addresses emotional issues through a curriculum and through our own stories. We’ll be teaching the Serv Safe Food Safety curriculum whereby, at the end of our class, the women will have the potential to walk out with a food safety manager’s certification that would be looked upon favorably in the hospitality industry. We draw on our relationships in the food community, from the chef who’ll walk us through cutting up a whole chicken to decorating cupcakes with the pros who do it every day. It is an extensive list of friends who are enthused and dedicated to being involved and making change on the local level.  We couldn’t do it without them.

We are finishing up interviews this week and the next class begins 23 September. It will run for eight weeks, two days a week and we can accommodate up to 24 students. ‘Humbling’ doesn’t even come close to describing the process of these interviews with the women who are looking for a new trajectory for their lives. As the fall progresses and it’s appropriate, I’ll be sharing here some of their stories and how Toolbox4Life is benefitting from each woman’s involvement.

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