The Travel-Sized Babies Have Arrived!

The Travel-Sized Babies Have Arrived!

When I answered the phone, her tone sounded desperate. She was calling from New Jersey, breathlessly relaying that security at the airport here in Orlando had taken away all of her jane’s short & sweet sugar scrub, and she needed to order more! I was completely flattered. The sugar scrub has always been a favorite, even before I started to sell it retail a year ago. For years, I’ve gifted it to friends. I used to give it in retro mason jars; great packaging but completely incompatible for the shower.

Folks started buying them by the dozens to give as gifts themselves. It stood out as an original, because it actually washes away, unlike a lot of other sugar or salt exfoliants. There’s a reason behind the sugar too. My husband once gave me a day at the spa, which included a salt scrub. Ever had a salt scrub right after you’ve shaved your legs? Yeah, that’s why I use sugar. And the moisturizers? I use an emollient crème, in addition to the most exceptional olive oils available. It’s a great partnership with our friends @ancientolive, whose EVOO’s I use in the recipes.

But ever since the sugar scrub fan in New Jersey called, we’ve been mulling over the idea of a travel size. And so, it’s exciting to now offer the same, great sugar scrub in two-ounce plastic jars. It’s a an ample supply for a trip, fits into a package sent away to college, takes up just a bit of room in a purse and a few jars fill up the toe of a stocking. The Ancient Olive currently now carries both the half pint plastic jars AND the two-ounce jars in Grapefruit, Peppermint, Orange & Lavender. The TSA will let you keep it too.

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