Summer & 'Righting' The Course

Summer & 'Righting' The Course

Because our ‘school year’ (Sept-May) with Toolbox4Life is full and sugar scrub production is at its height during that period, it’s good to emphasize some downtime during the summer. Business can sometimes slow down too. It’s a chance to refuel, redirect business goals and return to some activities and habits that I love and have more time to enjoy.

Tending to the garden, traveling, reading and baking are my favorites. Of course, BAKING! Recently, one of our daily rainy afternoons drew me to the kitchen. I pulled out several cookie cookbooks (there are many in my inventory, as you might imagine) and started mapping out my day. The recipes had to be something I hadn’t made in a while and wouldn’t require a trip to the grocery. That latter part is a tall order, isn’t it?

I landed on Lemon Squares, Triple Ginger Snaps and Homemade Oreos. Let me justify all of this by pointing out that we’re visiting one of our sons where he’s interning out of town soon. So of course I plan to bring a lot of homemade love to him……..

It felt good. For a thing that I’ve done so much of in the recent past, it’s been a while since I’ve used a stand mixer! What are the tools you haven’t used in a while to enjoy the hobbies that give you life? Have you taken the time this summer to look after yourself? Will you have some time before the fall kicks in to enjoy some extraordinary? If your schedule doesn’t see the difference between ‘summer’ and ‘school year’, what are the things that you do throughout the year to care for yourself? And if baking is one of the ways you enjoy yourself and one of my recipes sounds good to you, let me know. I’d be delighted to share. Or, if baking isn’t your thing but consuming baked goods might be one way you ‘self care’, swing by. I have plenty to share.

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