Ready for Summer?

Ready for Summer?

When I think of summer, it gives me life. The potential for adventure, outdoor fun, time with friends and family around a dinner table. All of these aspects of my summer give me hope and anticipation for great memories. But that ‘outdoor fun’ can be wilting!

So, with the advent of summer comes a brand-new fragrance: the crisp, clean, brilliant aroma combination of Grapefruit Basil!! The newest sugar scrub offering is a collaboration with a beautiful boutique hotel over on the east coast. And when the labels for them are ready, we’ll announce who it is you’ll need to visit to enjoy the sugar scrub as an amenity there.

 But until then, summer is happening and no one wants to wilt! Now available at, the latest fun & funky aroma! And don’t forget, through the end of the month, the profit from each jar ordered online will continue the efforts of healing our Orlando community through the Zebra Coalition.

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