Newman’s Own Foundation, Taproot Foundation and jane’s short & sweet

Newman’s Own Foundation, Taproot Foundation and jane’s short & sweet

Nearly two years ago, Newman’s Own Foundation approached us to hear our story and find out what tools we thought we needed to move our social enterprise further and closer to our goals. Wait, what???? It was completely out of the blue and, as you might imagine, such a rush to be on their radar.

Over that span of time, they have identified three other businesses within the US with specific, altruistic aims to offer each of us tailored expertise, systems and personnel to realize the parts of our business where we’d like input and growth. Newman’s Own has enlisted the Taproot Foundation, out of New York City to help us identify and complete some business projects over the course of the next six months. Taproot is a clearinghouse for professionals to commit their time pro bono to the business needs of non-profit organizations. On the other side, it’s where these 501c3’s pitch their needs to those who have the expertise to complete the projects. Our cohort of four businesses is the first of its kind, because we are are all FOR-profits and yet, will have access to professionals from all over the world who may apply to work on our proposed projects.

We were able to meet with a Taproot advisor in New York a couple weeks back. Her wisdom and input have challenged me to consider every element of jane’s short & sweet, from our structure (LLC) to the work, goals and systems going forward.

I am thrilled for the opportunity and cannot wait to get going. In fact just today, I chose my first collaborator to complete a logic model together. I am impressed by the caliber of her background, experience, skill set, her EQ, heart and understanding for the aims of jane’s short & sweet.

 If you have interest in committing some of your own expertise to an organization that could use your help, I couldn’t be more enthused to recommend I'm so looking forward to what lies ahead and sharing with you the work involved.

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