Newman’s Own Foundation, jane’s short & sweet, and The Part YOU Play!

Newman’s Own Foundation, jane’s short & sweet, and The Part YOU Play!

There’s been a fantastic response to the news we’re working with Newman’s Own Foundation and Taproot Foundation. Thanks for your enthusiasm. It’s a really outstanding opportunity. I feel like I’m working with one of the brightest minds on the face of the planet. She’s in London, and our 6:30 am weekly call comes pretty early! We end each call with action points for both of us. She moves on to the rest of her afternoon. I reach for my second cup of coffee.

But there are other players involved in this process too, who all have a part to play in the growing success of our company. It’s the weightlifters and athletes who are calloused and need to soften and heal their parts. It’s the folks who have rough, bumpy skin who want to even it out. It’s gardeners, who come in from working in the yard and want to get rid of the stains and dirt. We’re relying on the people who have dry and peeling skin, who need to exfoliate and moisturize those parts. And the mechanics who are working on all that machinery? We need them too.

It’s all these people who need to be using jane’s short & sweet sugar scrub. We know there are a bazillion products out there! But there is no other that is as aromatic, does the jobs of exfoliating and moisturizing as well and then actually rinses off completely. That last part is the whole reason I developed the recipe. With a shea butter soap proportional to the other ingredients, the sugar scrub does its job and rinses clean. Rinses CLEAN! Sooooo many others do a great job but the residual oil and greasy feeling doesn’t just require copious amounts of soap to rinse off. It’s a health hazard in the shower! Sooooo slippery.

Our scrub simply requires a little water to get going. Rub thoroughly over affected areas, rinse completely and then rejoice that your skin’s soft and you’re still upright!

What other reasons make this an optimal product for nearly everyone in the population? The formula is vegan and sulfate-free as well. And if you’ve been around long enough, you also know that we commit profit to organizations coming alongside under-served women. Additionally, we’re hiring women out of Toolbox4Life ( to help package and label the product too.

So here’s the thing, we know you love what we’re doing. You know that we hope to continue to hire more women and for longer periods of time. And to do that, all you have to do is want better skin for yourself and for someone else you love. It’s even delivered to your door so you don’t have to leave home with callouses, rough, dry or stained skin! We’re for you, we’re for your skin too. Thanks for being for us as well and joining us in our efforts. #RubRinseRejoice

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