my new favorite sugar scrub. so far.

have you ever joked that you love a food so much, you’d like to rub it all over your body? oh wait, is that just me?! if you love coffee and all its exceptional properties just like i do, this may very well be your new and most favorite body care product too. made with thrasher coffee’s buon giorno espresso, in a very fine turkish grind, we are thrilled to launch our new ‘rise & shine’ coffee sugar scrub. made for male and female parts alike, its benefits include drawing out toxins, which may help prevent premature skin aging. caffeine is known to reduce swelling and inflammation too. and while we can’t say just how many jars it might take, caffeine is said to help temporarily reduce cellulite. who are we to keep you from this miracle scrub??!!

and what’s even sweeter? remember, we hire women students from toolbox4life ( to help with packaging. and profit from the sugar scrub is committed to those organizations, toolbox4life included, that are coming alongside under-served women in our community. it’s a win-win-win-win-win for everybody. over the next week or so, we’ll feature folks on instagram and facebook who’ve tried ‘rise & shine’. they’ll ‘espress’ why they love it and why you will too. rub. rinse. rejoice.

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