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Thanks to our vending partners at Online Labels, for their high standard of quality and how that translates to us . We're grateful for all of our relationships with those who support our efforts and commitment to improving the community. This video captures the heart of what jane's short & sweet is doing and why we're doing it.


  • Ellen Stahlkuppe says...

    I am cleaning out the office and finally FOUND your address. those cookies – honey – they didn’t last 2 minutes – lol. Well, they did – and Sista even ate some – not much :)

    I just love your web-site – its so you and you look so adorable too. Also, wanted to thank you so much for the goodie bag and it was perfect timing for me and cough sista.

    And the scrub – I need to order some soon.

    Tell that adorable man of yours I said hello and give both of you a super HUG….

    Miss you and think of you two often. Hope you are enjoying your items too :)

    Love always

    p.s. and sis

    On Mar 07, 2017

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