Edible Orlando interviews Jane for the Fall issue!

When (not if) you pick up the latest issue of Edible Orlando, you'll see a sweet familiar face ... Jane! Writer Kristen Manieri spoke with John & Jane about shortbread, of course, but more about why they do what they do. Snag your copy at a plethora of local foodie spots like East End Market, Cask & Larder, Se7en Bites or Downtown Credo Coffee. Jane's is honored to be included in the pages of this fabulous local magazine. Thank you, Edible Orlando! We heart you too.
  • caroline miller oyler says...

    Jane – what a wonderful and inspiring thing you are doing! Very impressive. I look forward to eating the cookie too. Great seeing you at the reunion. Take care.


    On Jan 14, 2017

  • Jane Hursh says...

    Thanks Caroline! It was awfully sweet to see you. So. Many. Years!!!! So pleased to hear how well you’re doing. I will never see anything ‘Papa John’s’ again and not think of you :-) xoxoxo

    On Jan 14, 2017

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