Citrusy, Exotic, Bright: It Must Be the Lime Coriander Talking

Lime Coriander! Creating new aromas for the sugar scrub is like having multiple children. You can’t choose a favorite. But if pressed, this newest fragrance is the best kid, so far. One big, yoga-like inhale and the combination is bright, fresh, spicy, clean and exotic.

It was a special order for a neurologist friend’s corporate brand, to be used as a thank you to colleagues in the field and as a reminder to be centered in mindfulness. That the aromatic blend is known to reduce pain, fight depression and lift emotions wasn’t lost on either of us. It reflected well her commitment to living intentionally and my own to creating an exceptional and helpful product. Now you can order it too!

The Lime essential oil protects skin and encourages healing, while the Coriander evens out emotions and is considered a mental health booster. Those properties combined with the exclusive qualities of every aroma of jane’s sugar scrub of outstanding exfoliant, just enough moisturizing and a complete rinse make for one exceptional product.

 We can’t promise super powers but using the Lime Coriander Sugar Scrub a couple times in the shower each week may beat wearing a cape.

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