#$@&&*%!!! ????? Well, thank you!

We’d like to think of ourselves as a family operation; producing a great product that appeals to all political affiliations, using wholesome ingredients, employing sharp, clean packaging. Even our website and Facebook photos include sweet little hands and show the sheer joy of a toddler enjoying shortbread. We don’t take sides in unseemly matters and we’re financially committed to donating back to the community 100%.

So when customers employ expletives to describe how they feel about our products, we kind of stand up and take notice. Honestly, it’s a huge compliment and we know they wouldn’t ‘go there’ if it weren’t worthwhile to do so. Take for example, one of the most gifted and creative bakers I know says our shortbread is the best f@#$$%g cookie she’s ever eaten. Now, that may or may not be an exaggeration but she’s a baker, for goodness’ sake, and knows her stuff. So why not believe her?

Recently, a gift bag of various shortbread and sugar scrub was delivered to the office of a local executive celebrating her birthday. She let me know that the shortbread was, and I quote, ‘#$%@* incredible’. Now, who are we to argue with a woman who deals with millions of dollars on a daily basis? And another customer, who's faithful to his exercise, has announced 'those shortbread are so %$#* good, they're going to break me'. Moderation in everything, right?

So, we’d like to hear from you if you feel that strongly about the shortbread and/or sugar scrub. We’d be delighted to quote you.

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