A Loosely Constructed Bucket List

Some folks have a pretty tight idea of where and what they hope to do/accomplish/see in their lives, a type of well-organized bucket list. I have some plans and have set some goals for the latter part of my life too. But really, my ‘bucket list’ is just a little more loosely constructed one. Much to my great delight, however, one of my travel goals that’s written in pen on that list is visiting India and it’s happening in a matter of days. Whatever else transpires there over the course of the next month will be icing. Some of it is grown up fun work, a lot of it will be fun play, and all of it will set every one of my cylinders firing.

My primary invitation is to present a seminar to the students of Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee, at the University of Calcutta. She has developed a social entrepreneurship model to build into these students, based on her experience here in central Florida with the Global Links Scholar Program. We became friends during her time here last year as the second scholar of this curriculum, an initiative of Rollins College, Tupperware Brands and the State Department (). It will make my heart soar to see Sharmistha, meet the students, work and play with them, and take in the life that she lives. Through her, I also have the opportunity to present a workshop at a women’s food and nutrition college. We will be meeting with lots of different people in the community and I’ll be taking in as much as all five senses can handle, every day. We have plans to sight see, absorb copious amounts of culture, and eat. We do love our food and the trifecta of eating, laughing with friends and doing it where I’ve never been before is almost too much for my heart to handle.

Please join me on the journey and follow jane’s short & sweet on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. English author Rumer Godden said, “Once you have felt the Indian dust, you will never be free of it.” I'm planning on it.

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